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Are You Ready For The SnowBirds?

Stephanie Brandow - Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Florida Fall is upon us, and that means one thing: Snowbirds are on their way! When you’ve lived in southwest Florida long enough, you will have become very familiar with the seasonal trend that is “snowbird-season.” A sect of retirees and seasonal vacationers seeking shelter from the cold northern winds migrate like birds down to the Sunshine state. While this October through March trend may slow down traffic significantly, it’s also a huge source of revenue for our state! So if you’re a landlord or a multi-property owner, how can you best take advantage of this seasonal trend? Check out our prep list and make sure your property is ready for snowbirds! 

The first thing you should do when considering renting your property to snowbirds is making sure your property is readily available and easy to find online. Most snowbirds are within the “baby-boomer” age range, about 50-69, so navigating the inner-workings of the online world may not be their strong suit. If you want your property to stand out to retirees and vacationers, investing in advertising and knowing where to place your rental ad is a must!

Snowbirds are here to enjoy the sun and wait out the winter! Making sure your property is an oasis fit for a winter-less get-away is a sure-fire way to attract the attention of a snowbird. Pools and proximity to the beach are both near-must-haves in the eyes of a snowbird. Make sure to accentuate the things unique and summer-minded of your Florida property.

Snowbirds are not your average renters, so they won’t want the average lease. Make sure you have the flexibility and consider your pricing to accommodate month-to-month stays at your property when renting to snowbirds!

Hospitality is a must for snowbirds - making your home feel like a 5-star all-inclusive resort with amenities, and near-by entertainment is a great way to impress the snowbirds and ensure you have returning renters! Stocking the fridge, providing plenty of fresh linens, and coastal decor will enhance a snowbird’s stay and leave them with a beautiful impression of your summer oasis property!