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Getting your rental Fall ready

Stephanie Brandow - Friday, October 28, 2022

Owning a Seasonal/Vacation rental is always an adventure! But it can be easy to ignore the "Seasonal" aspect of it all. Getting your property ready for the fall is a great way to give your tenants a memorable and relaxing stay that's unique. This process goes beyond and doesn't even need to include, pumpkin decorations and a change to warmer colors but that's a good place to start.

            Especially in a place like Florida where there's not too much difference between seasons just some light decorating can go a long way. You don't have to go overboard, work with your space and do what feels appropriate. A seasonal welcome mat and a change of throw pillows and hand towels are low-cost changes that add an immediately noticeable seasonal charm. The nights do start to get a bit colder so some extra blankets for bedrooms and relaxation areas promote a cozier feeling and might get some use if the temperatures drop.

            Fall renters may have different expectations than Summer renters. They're likely to stay in some more to watch football and lounge around the pool. Having some board games and activities to keep the whole family occupied during times at home is a little detail that goes a long way. There are also tons of local/regional fall activities, so preparing a schedule of events your tenant might be interested in is just another way to go the extra mile. They should also know that just because Summer is over that all the crowds are gone, Indigenous Peoples/Columbus day weekend for example brings larger than average crowds to tourist attractions.

            The humidity of summer is also gone, but mosquitos are still prevalent in Florida throughout fall so always recommend a good bug spray! Some parts of the state also have a high chance of encountering inclement weather this time of year, informing your renters of facts like this helps them know you've got their back!

            Finally, make sure to perform your regular maintenance duties between tenants. Make sure all your utilities are in good working order and that all the fixtures inside work well. Inspect the whole home thoroughly and repair or replace any problems. Take some time to tend to the landscaping and determine if it needs some seasonal adjustments of its own. The time between tenants is always a chance to set up the best first impression possible.

            Having different tenants every few months offers a unique opportunity to deliver a memorable and interesting experience for everyone you rent to, adding some seasonal charm is one way to make your property stand out. These little changes and details are unnecessary in the end though, and the extent to which you change things between seasons varies from property owner to property owner. When working with a property management company you should make expectations of any seasonable changes clear, and make sure you work out a plan to execute those changes together!