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What to Look for in a Seasonal Rental

Stephanie Brandow - Friday, November 5, 2021

If you’re looking to head south for the winter, you’ll likely be seeking a seasonal rental. Seasonal rentals are typically available for a 3–4-month period during that particular region's busiest part of the year. Florida’s season generally runs from January through April, when the cold months hit the hardest up north.

When choosing what rental is best for you, obviously the size of the space is important. How many people will be living with you? Do you need extra bedrooms for guests? How many bathrooms are you comfortable with? If cost is a factor and you don’t require a lot of space, a smaller unit will most likely be less expensive depending on what additional conveniences are offered.

Location is another huge consideration. Depending on what you like to do for fun, it will be essential to get an idea of what activities are close by. Is golf, lounging on the beach, dining out, or going to the theater important to you? Do you love to ride bikes or play pickleball? Where the home is located will also be a consideration when deciding on the type of neighborhood that best suits you. The Florida rental market will offer many options, from apartments to condos to single-family homes. Some of these rentals are in gated communities and others in standard neighborhoods.

When it comes to the actual home, each home will offer different amenities on site. Many Florida homes have private swimming pools, and some condo complexes will have a community pool. Do you have a pet and need a fenced yard? Be sure to check the pet policies and what type of setup the home has. Many homes will have Wi-Fi, television streaming, maps, guidebooks, recommendations, 24-hour check in but always double-check so that you aren’t disappointed on arrival. 

Do your research in advance on the area where you plan to rent and communicate with your rental agency regarding your needs, desires, and restrictions. The goal of your rental agent is to find the perfect home to fit for your needs and lifestyle.